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Canva Course: Beginner's Guide

An introduction to using Canva, a powerful online software used for…

Canva Course: Graphic Design Theory Introduction

An introduction in graphic design theory, using Canva as the platform…

Canva Course: Graphic Design Theory Volume1

The first volume in the graphic design theory series, using Canva as…

Canva Course: Graphic Design Theory Volume2

The second volume in the graphic design theory series, using Canva…

Here is what students have to say:

Excellent Explanations

“I enjoyed taking this course and Jeremy made a great experience out of it. The video lectures are recorded in high-definition, the explanations are clear and the information is easy to understand and to implement. In just one hour I got everything I needed. Thanks to this Course I became Addicted to Canva. It’s such a nice tool to create your marketing materials – I used it mainly for my Facebook ads. After taking this course, I found out how to move to the next level and how to use Canva with greater ease.” – Silviu M.

Masterclass in Design

“This course was long overdue for anyone considering graphic or even basic design work. I work online and handle many of my own design activities. While I thought my execution was spot on, this course help me to understand how I could take my work to the next level using fundamental design principles. The audio, screen recordings, and pace of speech are also top notch. If I was Canva, I would hire this guy for the role of ‘evangelist.’ Will be watching this again for reference.” – Chad T.

Fantastic Course

“I really enjoy Jeremy’s courses and have signed up for a number of them. He’s a brilliant instructor and is obviously very knowledgeable about Canva and graphic design. This course is the perfect follow-up to course 1, he guides you through the principles and ideas that are in all sorts of visual media so you can produce the same quality designs and get the attention of your potential clients. The lectures are easy to follow and implement and he gives you a master class on how to successfully use Canva. Thank you Jeremy for yet another great course!” – Sharon B.

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Website hosting so that I can put up this lovely page. Bluehost is my preferred recommendation and integrates easily with WordPress.

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Quality equipment at low prices for any startup or early entrepreneur. This includes everything from microphones to Wacom tablets.


Here is a list of a lot more resources that I personally use to make the day go easier. This includes things such as software.

Online Instructor

I have over 10 years of experience in the audio and visual arts. My passion is helping and educating others on everything I know; from art and music to personal development and exercise. It’s my pleasure to have a platform like Udemy to teach you in a simple and sophisticated manner. By taking my courses, you will excel in the principles being taught so that you can take your education to the next level!

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